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Q & A with Mansfield Superstar & Entrepreneur "Black Jesus"

1.What is a typical day/week like for you? 
A typical day for me is writing music in the studio, spending time with my family, and taking out 3 hours a day every day to study and research revenue and assets.
2. What is your best memory of the start of your career?
My best memory is when I snuck and dropped my first track and let a room full of people hear it and everybody kept saying he must be from Atlanta lol.

3.What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?
My advice would be to start and never stop no matter what obstacles may come your way. The key is to never be afraid to invest in yourself!! At least put 50% of your income that you have left over after taking care of your responsibilities, in your business. I put 85% because I believe in myself that much!!!
4. How can you be booked for show/appearance? 
I can be booked for shows thru my email or hit the contact us tab on my website
5. What’s your favorite album fr…

Ben Simmons Sets a NBA RECORD!! 🏀🏀

Ben Simmons the rookie "great" also known as "the next Lebron" did something last night that far exceeds other NBA players.

What Did He DO??!!! 🧐🤔

(We're Glad You ASKED!)

Trailing BIGTIME, the Washington Wizards looked to take advantage of the situation. The Philadelphia 76ers lead was 84-65 starting the fourth quarter and 93-78 with about 7 minutes plus left. Simmons entered the game to close things out. But in an effort to close the gap, the Wizards put on the ole fashion "Hack-a-Shaq" movement. Intentionally fouling Ben Simmons for a big portion of the remainder of the game.  Simmons attempted an NBA-record 24 free throws in the fourth, making just 12 of them. While the Wizards worked very hard to cut into the lead and possibly come back and win.... The 76ers eventually pulled it off with a 118-113 victory. 
Ben Simmons set the NBA single-quarter record for free throw attempts with 24 in the 4th quarter
— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) No…

How to ask God for HELP!

Dear Reader,

God is present in our lives for many reasons, his very presence is amongst us because he indeed wants us to lean and depend on him. God is LOVE!!! He wants a very close relationship with us, not only for roughest times (when we need him most) but he wants to be apart of everyday life!

I recall moments in my life where I searched for God, at those moments where I needed him he was always present but I couldn't seek him clearly. At that particular period in my life, I was searching for my identity in Christ. I struggled often with who I was and what I would become, I often placed pressure over my own head but never realized my sole purpose belonged to God and he had so much more in store for me.

So, as the title states "How to ask GOD for help?" It's quite simple..... Live thru God. First understand that he has forgiven us for ALL of our sins Past, Present, and Future. Secondly, understand that God is NOT mad at you, even if you have not kept him closely …