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Blow_Flyy — Canada’s Own 🇨🇦 — The Now Legacy

BLOW_FLYY, Performs out of Toronto Canada ,hails from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a poet and this shows in his lyrics and the style in which he writes. He is a rapper for a new age, refraining from vulgarities and rapping about what’s in his heart. His songs are clean, simple, and catchy. Because of this and his obvious talent, it stands to reason that this is an artist worth betting on.


1. What inspires your music?

Life inspires my music, family, my kids.

2. Whats your process for you in preparing for a live show?

I practice, and stay familiar with my music to give my fans a great experience.

3. What advice would you give to a young person wanting to pursue rap as a career?

Stay true to yourself, talk about your experiences and don’t think it’s a get rich quick thing, mind you some people(very few)get that Major label brake, but most will have to work and stay dedicated while investing$$ in themselves.

4. What sets your music apart from others in your genre?

What set me apart is my storytelling, sound, my delivery I want you to feel my happiness as well as my pain I’m not out to sell a life style, I’m out to tell the truth real life experiences which is another thing that sets me apart.

5. What 1 or 2 songs are doing the best streaming number wise, on any of the streaming platforms? Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc. Who is the producer and tell us how you came up with the story of the song or songs while writing?

“Bleed 4 you” and “its like I have a set of wings” that are doing good for streams, kekebeats is the lproducer for the e.p “blood and honey” also the single “BLEED4YOU” I come up with all my songwriting concepts through my actual past and present life experiences and things that goes on around me as well as the rest of the world.

6. In your opinion as an artist What was your best live performance experience so far, and please name a notable show or festival you had the opportunity to be apart of?

I feel my performance and energy comes from the crowd I enjoy all my performances, my most notable show would be indie week at the hideout in Toronto ont. the experience was great I met some great people and learned a lot from the conference, great experience.

7. What obstacles as an independent artist you feel holds you back on having the success you feel you should have had at this time? despite these obstacles what motivates you to continue to enthuse you to keep putting out good quality music?

The only obstacle that has set me back on where i feel i should be in this music business as an independent artist would be $$budget money for promotion and marketing, a Promotion partnership deal with one of the major labels would change and speed up my progress in reaching worldwide audiences, with that all said, the thing that motivates me to keep putting out Quality music is the fact that I have certain goals in this business i would like to achieve and I’m currently doing everything possible as an independent artist to accomplish them.

8. With technology getting more advanced and new music and Social media apps coming out every few months, do you think this helps independent artists? what do you think of this COVID-19 do you think this might kill a lot of artist music careers or just drastically kill the momentum some independent artist had before this all happened?

Yes, with technology getting more advanced and the new music and apps. yes I do feel technology helps artists, you can use technology to level the playing field by reaching music listeners and fans you wouldn’t other wise reach as an independent artist without, don’t get me wrong if you can get a major label contract which you feel puts you in a greater position and it doesn’t compromise you, do so., Covid-19, I don’t think it will kill careers just make artists promote and market take advantage of people being in the house on Covid lockdown, its an opportunity to actual have more music listeners check you out and possibly become new fans .

9. What’s next? is there anything you are working on?

What’s next for me, new music, new music videos, just keep it going and stay relevant

10. How can you be booked for a show/appearance? 

For All Bookings and any other enquiries, email “Gjmanagement Online Promotions” at


Blow_flyy Official Website:

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