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DJ PAULA FROST 🎙🥳 l Oxygen Tank — The Now Legacy



DJ Paula Frost is a London based DJ writing electronic dance tunes with a drum & bass twist. In the past year, DJ Paula Frost has headlined a show at Camden Roundhouse, flew to Sri Lanka to DJ New Year’s Eve, and played parties at Manchester Art Gallery and 40 other venues all over the UK. DJ Paula Frost has also played across 14 countries worldwide including concerts in Croatia, Russia, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and New Zealand. Whilst in Vietnam she headlined the Saturday night of Reggae Beach Festival in Da Nang.

DJ Paula Frost started her journey as a producer on Kane FM for Tippa Irie’s ‘Pure Riddim Show’, before gaining her own drive time show ‘Way Out Radio’ and beginning her journey as a DJ. Soon she was picked up by an agent and went professional fast. One of her first shows was supporting major label band Slaves and she has also played events for Sketchers, Bodyshop and Octopus Energy – all environmentally conscious brands and SMASHED a gig for Euro Parliament held by the Green Party, leaving the crowd chanting for more for over 20 minutes.

This year DJ Paula Frost is set to drop her debut EP, play a UK tour and hit the festival circuit. A headline set on the Introducing Stage at Rebellion Festival is already confirmed alongside 20 more shows.

DJ Paula Frost is a London based DJ releasing her debut single OXYGEN TANK on March 20th. Pre-order at

1. What is a typical day/week like for you?  Each week day I get up at 6am and work on my Djing and songwriting. Then I write from music magazines from 10am till 6pm. After, I go to the gym for a couple hours. Then I catch up with my DJ clients on the phone. I DJ up to four shows a week! But usually play one or two. Each week is very full on at the moment as I am building momentum surrounding my new single release OXYGEN TANK. Pre-order at

I’m also writing a book about the DJ world tour I went on in 2017-18. It was crazy because I DJed in Japan, New Zealand, Croatia, Vietnam and Cambodia. The book is all about my experience.

2. What is your best memory of starting your career?   started by DJing my own show on the radio for a year (Way Out Radio on Kane 103.7 FM). Then I got a call from an agent saying they wanted to book shows for me. I went for it and bought my own van and a PA system. The first time I played live and got paid well, I knew my life was about to change and I was so relieved after being a struggling musician for so long. It was an amazing feeling to see art supporting my living. A great feeling and a warm memory.

3. What advice would you give to someone wanting to create and market a brand from scratch?  I’d say just read about it and take advice from people who’ve done it before but most importantly, there is only one you, and there will never ever be another you on this planet so be true to yourself and enjoy your life. Sending out that vibration catches on to the rest of the world.

4. How can others reach out to you for music collaboration information? Just hit me up on my website or on Instagram @djpaulafrost I am always open to songwriting sessions with new people.

5. What is next for your DJing?  I am playing loads of shows over the summer including a headline set on the Introducing stage at Rebellion Festival. Friday night, 10-11pm! Can’t wait

6. What’s your next marketing moves for your career? Write the best songs I can possibly write and then write even better ones! I plan to keep working hard and pushing the boundaries. I hope to collaborate with some of my heroes like Congo Natty and I just want to tour everywhere. That’s the best marketing you can do; play great shows and write great tunes.

7. What is your musical inspiration? I am a big fan of film noir and I like to sit down and watch old black and white movies with no audio. They inspire me because I can sit at the keyboard and write music to represent what’s happening on screeen and that’s a good way to come up with ideas. 

8. Top 5 music greats, dead or alive? My top musicians sadly all passed away too early.

Jimi Hendrix

Kurt Cobain

Amy Winehouse

Jim Morrison

Bob Marley




DJ Paula Frost began her journey in 2014. She is a keen selector and loves to remix her own tracks to suit the party atmosphere. She is also a well-known character on the music scene and has written for NME Magazine, Vive Le Rock Magazine, played drums in a variety of bands and interviewed a range of legendary artist including Alice Cooper and members of Motorhead, The Wailers, The Smiths, The Selecter, Sleaford Mods and Supergrass. This gives her the edge as a DJ because she is so knowledgeable of many music genres.

DJ Paula Frost has been collecting vinyl for ten years and has been given vinyl collections from fans due to her passionate music talk on her radio show. She has a top range of releases from the past ten years including dance and electronic plus an excess of tunes from the past 50 years covering motown, soul, rock, reggae and dance. As a weekly radio host, she keeps up to date with current chart, latest releases, remixes and also has links with record labels who send her new music regularly. With a buzz building among fans and the industry, what better time than now for DJ Paula Frost to unleash her debut single?

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