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Question and Answer Interview Segment with Natasha Brewer (Owner/Founder of Everlasting TV




1. What is a typical day/week like for you?

My days/weeks are super busy with both business and family responsibilities, but I enjoy it all. I days lately are filled with reviewing content submitted to the Everlasting TV channel, creating content for my own show Renew Your Mind with Natashia Brewer, interviews, responding to emails, etc. It’s pretty busy 2. What is your best memory of starting your business?

The best memory is turning on my TV and the Roku remote and seeing my channel and all the great content displaying on the TV screen. It was such a great and exciting experience because it was a lot of work behind the scenes 3. How Do you balance working full time as an entrepreneur?

If you are well organized, manage your time, and have a support team, things will be balanced. Another thing that keeps things balanced is recognizing when there needs to be a shift. A shift with your approach to doing something. A shift in the number of resources needed to get the job done. All of that is important to remain balance. We are not robots/machines and need to realize that we can’t do it all (especially not on our own).

4. What advice would you give to someone wanting to create and market a brand from scratch?

Be authentic regardless if the market you are in is saturated, no one has your voice or you. Period. There can be a million people in the sector/market you are entering but they do not have what you have. Look at all the TV channels that are available to viewers, but Everlasting TV brings something different and we attract those market shares that are set apart for us. Our imprint/our vibe attracts our tribe and that is what other businesses need to recognize. Just because you sell coffee does not mean you set out to be Starbucks Jr. If you are not well versed in Marketing and Branding, get help. There are some very good cost-effective options. We sometimes think that we can figure it out, but it may be more costly for you to figure it out (cost wise and time wise). 5. How can others reach out to you for business related information?

If you are a content creator who want your inspiring and motivating show or video streamed on Everlasting TV, send an email to with the submit: Content Review for Streaming – YOUR SHOW NAME. If you are a business owner looking to partner with Everlasting TV, set up a meeting with us by going to 6. How Do You Plan On Growing Your Business?

We are continuously running promotions and advertising. We have partnered with some great content creators to share the message about Everlasting TV. We are doing a whole media campaign to bring awareness. There is a ton of things in the works to grow our viewers and expand into other markets/streaming platforms 7. What future gigs/events have you planned for?

The latest addition to the Everlasting TV channel is my new show Renew Your Mind with Natashia Brewer. The show is the first Everlasting TV exclusive show. So we are promoting that show right now. The next project will be the filming of our first feature film – Violet Bloom. 9. What Are Some Of The Mistakes You Wished You Could've Avoided Starting off?

One of the mistakes that I have made in the past is moving too fast and not taking time to pray to God and receive guidance. This caused me to waste time and energy on things but I did learn through it all.


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