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Interview With Musical Sensation "Friiday"

It’s Friiday!! 

 1. What is a typical day/week like for you? A typical day or week for me varies on my surroundings and location. But for the most part they consist of a 8 hr. job shift, workouts, eating, meditation, working on music or  anything M.I.L.D related, communication with loved ones, & preferably 6 hrs. of dreaming.

2. What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career? There are many different suggestiomns I would give to someone pursuing this career. Me personally my biggest suggestion is to never give up no matter how many obstacles are in your way. Keep pushing because if you have love and passion for what you do you can’t be stopped. No matter what it is music, acting, teaching etc….

3. How to book shows/ promote guests? You can book shows by contacting the Mild offices at All promotions are prompt through all of the Mild social media outlets as list: Twitter: _RealMusicGroup; Instagram: MildUniversity; & Facebook: Mild University. 

4. What’s your favorite album from another artist?

I have a lot of favorite albums from other artist but one of my favorite albums is Recession by Young Jeezy. We are two totally different artist but I can definitely relate to his work. This album really inspired me. It gave me a real prospective of life and how to survive in this world. 

5. What song of yours are you most proud of?

The song that I am most proud of is Metropolitican which is one of my latest songs that capped off. Metropolitican had such a strong meaning behind it I took it and turned it into my latest project (Mixtape). I’m proud only because it shows that I will continue to work and strive for greatness no matter what. More and more will continue to come from the Mild camp so be on the look out!

6. Tell us about your music Music from Friiday consist of a hiphop/rap genre feel, out of the ordinary beats, & otherworldly lyrics that will force you to contemplate to fully understand my work. You can find most of my work on Spinrilla just type in Friiday to begin your adventure.  Follow Friiday on his social media handles @tgifriiday – Instagram @RealMusicGroup_ – Twitter                                                                       🏁✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿🥇

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