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Interview with Superstar Videographer PJ Manderville - - The Now Legacy

Color Star Media/PJ Manderville

@pjmanderville @4slate_ @colorstarmedia

Career accomplishments: Claflin University 2020 Outstanding Leader Under 40!

1. Most days I typically begin the day by looking at tutorials, Investment opportunities i.e. videography equipment, I include meditation but not every day. By mid-morning, I begin Video Editing or preparing for Video Shoots i.e. Films, Weddings, Live Events, or Live Streams for Aux Cord Wars. Throughout the week I am looking for opportunities for RnB Artist, Anais Ranae whom I manage and speaking with her Music Manager, Producer, and Writer Syr Andrews, Syon Andrews, and Jermaine Andrews.

2. My best memories have to be using my first camera and taking it with me to Track and Field meets in high school where I would film my teammates and have them film me as I ran. I would compile the footage and use marvel comic music to guide the combined clips. I also remember creating shows for in college as Claflin University where I discovered just how creative and confident I was.

3. Monologues is now available on Amazon Prime which I had the pleasure of being the Director Of Photography and Assistant Director. The film is Produced, Directed, and co-written by New York Times Best Seller, Omar Tyree. We filmed Monologues from November 2019 to February 2020. This was an amazing opportunity because I had the opportunity to learn the feature filmmaking process. I have completed some short films but not close to the length of this film. This film was over an hour and fifteen minutes not including credits. I also got a taste of how a micro-budget film can affect your workflow or throw surprises your way but you have to learn to adjust quickly. With this film, most actors and actresses had families and other obligations just like anyone else which we had no choice but to respect. The actors and actresses were compensated however not to the degree of the actors and actresses that you see on the big screen or movies that appear on app platforms. Therefore we could not hold them to certain timeframes and when we did get the opportunity at times it was very important to have the lights set up, camera rolling, and ready. There were times where we had time to block the scenes and times where we didn't. Nevertheless, I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity because now I see opportunities for improvement regardless of the budget or rate of speed that we have to move.

4. You can reach me at as well as my websites. www. and

5. A Director's vision is a perspective of a story written. Nothing is totally incorrect when it comes to what you see when you read the script, It's about interpreting what the writer has written with the addition to helping the audience feel the actors/actresses authenticity. It is also important that the vision of the Director extends to the overseeing of the team i.e. sound mixer, cinematographer(s), Gapher and other duties.

6. I Created, Produced, and Directed Before The Hype TV Show in 2012-2014. This talk show featured those who were rising in their professions. This show eventually aired locally in Charlotte on Time Warner now known as Spectrum reaching potentially 170,000 viewers each episode.

In early 2017 I Filmed and Directed Music Video “Struggle Baby” which featured the future Grammy Nominated Hip Hop artist DaBaby. I also gave musical production input during the recording process prior to DaBaby adding his verse. “Struggle Baby”. I also created videos for Peter Carey and Joshua Anglero. During this time he created a video reel which was watched and recognized by producers of OWN Channel’s “To Have And To Hold” reality show. Peter and Josh then received roles as main cast members on this primetime show.

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