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Interview With "The 1 Rap Mentor" In The GAME!!! 🎙🎙🌠⭐ — The Now Legacy

Q&A Segment with @TheRapperGuru ———————————————————–

1. (Q) What do you do? 

     (A)      I help artists set up different online businesses, as well as teaching them marketing. 

2. (Q) What is a typical day/week like for you?

    (A) A typical day for me starts off a 3:00am. I wake up, pray, get dressed, and get straight to work. I work throughout the whole day and around 4:00pm I stop working and catch up on any other projects I have to work on. Then at 7:00pm I go to gym; I come home at 9:00pm and go to bed at 9:30.

3. (Q) What is your best memory of starting your career?

    (A) The best memory of starting my career was all the late nights I stayed up drinking monster energy drinks, just enjoying the process of deep work.

4. (Q) What advice would you give to someone wanting to create and market a brand from scratch?

(A) I recommend to do something different, go against the crowd and build your own path. Also make sure you have knowledge in the field you are deciding to work in.

5. (Q) How do you help out artists that come to you?

 (A)     I help artists out by teaching them how to set up different business, and showing them marketing. These two things are vital in an artists’ career.

6. (Q) What is next for your business?

     (A)    The next steps for my business are to keep scaling it and make it one of the biggest companies on Instagram. I want it to be the company that has the most impact in the music industry by truly helping out artists.

7. (Q) RANK your top 5 musicians of all time, dead or alive?

     (A) My top 5 artists of all time are: Michael Jackson, Tracy, Juice Wrld, Yung Pinch, and Nav.

8. (Q) How can others reach out to you?

     (A) People can reach out to me via Instagram @therapperguru

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