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Jay Ford is up NEXT! #BLS

Question & Answer Segment with talented artist Jay Ford

1.What is a typical day/week like for Jay Ford?

– Monday through Friday, I’m still waking up going to work, and taking my son to school… I hit the studio every Thursday or Friday, depending on what my weekend consist of… If I don’t have an event, I try to use my weekend networking in anyway possible… I also try to make time for my family, due to the fact they say I’m always gone! Lol

2. What is your best memory of the start of your career?

– Best memory, prolly will have to be when we all was rapping under #GrindHardEnt… Rapping was fun then… It seems like alotta shit got personal, and everybody so serious now…

3.What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

– Never let anyone discourage you by saying who rap better than you… No one ever gave me any credit… and they still try to avoid doing it… I’ve never claimed to be the best rapper… But I will fight for the title of being one of the hardest working rappers!

4. How can you be booked for show/appearance?

– As of now I handle all of my bookings.. I have my info in the bio of every social media site. Booking phone number 281.608.1995 and email

5. What’s your favorite album from another artist?

– Awww man that’s a hard one! That’s really tough because I use to be on Webbie so hard in college, and I also admire work if I feel like a person don’t have to skip a track. I’ll have to say Savage Life 2…

6.What song of yours are you most proud of? Tell us about your music? – I would have to say #LovedOnes… Just for the simple fact that I’m so much of a family person, and the motivation behind my music… Everything I do, have to have a purpose or meaning behind it… it’s easier for me to make songs when I’m going thru a situation. I try to keep everything realistic.. I try not to rap about things that I don’t have… I was given some advice once by an artist manager who told me to rap about whatever will make the song sound good… Don’t worry about no having it. But it’s still hard for me to do…

7. What is your biggest accomplishment?  – My biggest accomplishment besides my kids I would have to say was getting awarded by the high school in my hometown for what I am doing with my music and being a positive role model in the community..

8. Name your top 5 dead or alive favorite artist of all time. – 1. Lil Wayne 2. Lil Boosie 3. Kevin Gates 4. NBA YoungBoy 5. Lil Snupe

9. What era of hip-hop do we live in now? – Swag/Attention… I feel like it’s all about an image, and who gets the most attention! It has nothing to do with lyricism any more… but a star is a star…

10. How can you maintain your exposure?  – consistency is the key! Stay consistent! Next is sacrifice! You can’t stay consistent without sacrificing! Nobody coming up, I believe got it like like that to where they don’t have to worry about sacrificing…

11. What are you most proud about from your hometown, Mansfield, Louisiana?  – The fact that they supported me from the gate… they put me in position to be where I’m at now… Now it’s up to me to take it from state to state and represent for my city! They did what they had to do…

12. Will you teach your children the entertainment business as they grow up? – Most definitely! My son already shows interest… I watches slot of old r&b performances and practices their dance moves… every time I rap or rehearse my daughter be looking blown away…

13. What’s next for Jay Ford & Milton Frank Records? – The TOP❗️

All of Jay Ford’s Social Media Accounts! Follow him now! 

Facebook: Jay Ford Instagram: @iAmJayFord Snapchat: @iAmJayFord Twitter: @iAmJayFord_

posted by Ladarius Ealy

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