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Lavar Ball "I Made 3 Killers, He Couldn’t Make 2" Which NBA Legend Is He Referring T

Mr. Lavar “BIG BALLER HUNCHO” Ball, held a Q&A segment with the BBB Facebook family on Sunday. He answered a fan question about the NBA GOAT MJ!!

Lavar on MJ, “Here’s the reason why I’m so much better than Jordan. Jordan had some sons too. But his sons didn’t turn out like my sons. That shows how much athleticism I had oozing out of me. I made three killers. He couldn’t even make two.”

LaVar also spoke of the possibility of his very own Big Baller Brand signature shoe 😲😆, which he stated it would probably cost around $1,500. Wow, this could be very interesting considering that LaMelo is dropping his first shoe! What will Lavar name his shoe? Commit below! 

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