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Lavar Ball is pulling Lamelo from CHINO HILLS?! "To Make Him The BEST HS Player Ever"

Mr. Ball has done it again!😂😂

Lavar Ball has made the headlines this week, promising to pull LaMelo ‘his youngest son’ from Chino Hills High School to home-school him, “the Ball way”. ESPN  reported that LaMelo will spend his last two years at home before college.

“I’m not dealing with the coach over there,” LaVar told ESPN. “I’m not dealing with the administration over there. I don’t want no distractions on Melo. So, therefore, I’m going to home-school him and make him the best basketball player ever.” Chino Hills High School hired Dennis Latimore as new acting head coach in May, replacing the old coach Stephan Gilling who was there only one year. Whom didn’t always see eye to eye with Lavar Ball and LaMelo’s playing style.  LaMelo said Monday was his last day at Chino Hills, but is excited about this change in his scholastic life, “because I can spend all my time now and dedication into it instead of going to school and doing book work,” LaMelo Ball told ESPN.

“It’s a new coach and I don’t like him one bit,” LaVar said of Latimore. “[LaMelo]’s on track for UCLA, but he doesn’t have to be dealing with those knuckleheads. I’m not letting them mess with his head anymore. You can put that on the principal and the coach over there.

“That coach has his own frame of mind on how he wants to play and who he picks in the team. OK, y’all got all that going on, let’s see how you do without my tutelage. Without me training those players at my house. It seems like anybody who’s training over here, that coach don’t want him in the team.”

LaMelo Ball is committed to UCLA for the 2019 class. He is ranked no. 7 by ESPN in the ESPN 60. 

“The coach made a comment the other day. He said, ‘all those 50 shots a game, that’s going to stop.’ So I’m like, ‘Wow,'” LaVar said. “And every kid he talks to, he asks which AAU program they play for and as soon as they mention my name, he goes the other way.

“I’m not going to put my son through all that.”

LaMelo said he’s not worried about missing out on traditional high school life and not going to school with his friends.

“They’re going to come to the house and train with me anyways,” LaMelo said.

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