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1. What is a typical day/week like for you?

Mornings are real estate brokerage work & band admin. I then hit the gym at noon to break up the day, and make sure I can fit back into my spandex at the next show. Afternoons & evenings are usually flex, but often include at least a little songwriting, a voice lesson, or a rehearsal. I like to go out a lot, hang with people and see live music, which helps inspire my music, performance, and life.

2. What is your best memory of the start of your career?

My best memories were writing the album with Rob McLemore aka Crayton Huntly. We started this experiment in 2013, and couldn’t believe the amazing music we created together. We inspired each other with a manic excitement I have only experience with him, and I am so grateful to begin writing our next album together too.

3. What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue music?

You have to believe in what you’re doing. Ultimately, that is what motivates you to keep writing, performing, seeking mentors, and improving your musicianship.

4. What’s your next marketing moves for “Unforgettable Ride”?

In the next 6 months, we’ll be releasing “Live at Red Rocks” (filmed July 2019), and “The Road to Red Rocks” (filmed January-July 2019) by Arcadian Pictures. In the meanwhile, we’re focused on songwriting & recording for the next record, hoping to shop labels and do some small tours in 2020.

5. What’s your favorite album from another artist?

I’ve been stuck on “Adrenalize” by Def Leppard for the last 6 months, and I just can’t quit it. It is one of the catchiest and musically brilliant albums I have ever heard. Steve Clark passed away before this album was released, but he & Phil Collen had an amazing partnership and created a spectacular album.

6. What song of yours are you most proud of? Tell us about that song.

Big Rock Radio for sure. The namesake was our original theme of starting our dream project – creating our own original arena rock inspired by our heroes of the 70s & 80s: Kiss, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Queen, Aerosmith, AC/DC, The Who, and more. We wanted to take everyone back to the days of first listening to rock & roll legends on the radio.

7. What is your biggest accomplishment?

We played the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison CO to 7,000 people. It was the best night of our lives!

8. Name your top 5 dead or alive favorite artists of all time.

Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Brian Wilson, Eddie Van Halen, Prince

9. How can you maintain your exposure, and are you currently signed or independent?

Keep writing, keep performing, keep growing, and keep believing. Share everything. We are Independent, so we know every interaction is important and valuable, both personal and public. You are all part of the party!

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