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1. Hi Bill! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us today. 2020 has been a memorable year for the obvious reason...COVID. How has the virus affected you on both a personal and professional level?

Though I have been affected a bit, I am quite fortunate to not have been as negatively affected as many folks. From a professional level, I have a small studio in my home, so I have continued to work on our new project throughout the quarantine. From a personal level, not being able to see friends, fans and some family members face to face is disheartening. We are lucky to live in a time when you can still connect through calls and video calls. I have been asked to do well over 20 online shows, so I have made that adjustment. Though they are not the same as seeing folks face to face in a live environment, but it is what we have these days, so I try to make the best of it. 2. Can you think of a worse year during your lifetime?

Worse in what way? I think all the pollical and societal strife going on in 2020 is really adding to the whole COVID thing. Are they connected? Is there more here than meets the eye? Good question and the title of our next single, hint hint. 3. Any plans for getting back out on the road once restrictions are lifted?

Of course. I am hoping that many of the venues I play across the country survive the shutdown and are still in business when it’s possible to get back out there. 4. What has been your favorite show you've played to date, and why?

That’s a tough question. I could talk about the cool venues, the large crowds all that, but really my favorite shows are when the audience engages with me and what I am doing. I particularly like it when folks come up and we can talk one on one after the show. Those are my favorites for sure

5. Tell us about your upcoming single release?

Ahh the new one.. We are really having fun with this one. It’s titled “More Than Meets the Eye”. It is really a questioning/challenging song. With all that is going on in society today, are we really getting all the information we need? Are we being fed miss information to popularize someone’s agenda? Are we compromising our inherent freedoms due to other agenda’s? Thinks that make you say hmmm and wonder if there is “More Than Meets the Eye” 6. What is the song, "Cry Wolf" about? Is it directed at anyone in particular?

Cry Wolf looks at all of us, our society, our politics, our religion, our social media and our 24/7 “News” cycles and asks the question “Who is Crying Wolf”. Where is the truth, where are the unbiased facts, where is information we can trust? It is not about anyone in particular but rather a broad statement about the world we live in where there is no one source of truth, but rather massive miss information campaigns used to support various agenda’s and we spread through social media unvetted through social media. It is directed at anyone in particular. When you look at the lyrics, do they hit home with you? Do you recognize yourself in the comments and statements I make? Maybe its directed at you? hmmmmm 7. What's one song that you could listen to everyday, without getting tired of it, and one song you hope to never hear again?

First is easy, Dan Fogelberg’s tune To the Morning is my wake-up song and has been for many years. A fantastic piece of work and a great way to get your mid right to start the day.

I am sure I have heard “Play that funky music white boy” too many times in my life, just sayin.

8. You are somewhat of a guitar collector. Which one is your prized possession?

That’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is. Each of my guitars are special to me, whether for the sound they produce, or the memories they bring. I have the first guitar I that I could actually call my own. It’s a Silvertone acoustic 6 string I got for Christmas when I was about 8 or so. It came from Sears and is a meat grinder for my hands, lol. I never play it, but I hangs on the wall with the rest and I enjoy the memory every time I look at it. 9. Thanks again, Bill. Any parting words for our readers?

Hang in there. We will get through this thing eventually. Stay safe, follow logic and reason. Take the information we are given and use it appropriately for your life. Lead don’t follow and keep an eye out for our new release “More Than Meets the Eye”. When you hear it… you’ll know why.




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