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Meet Crissy Baby 💖

Question & Answer Interview


1. What is a typical day/week like for you?

Walking my son to school, doing paperwork for LDP and CrissyBaby.

Recording, writing, goin out multiple times per week networking, reaching out to people to make my team stronger. Being apart of the online communities, which is challenging cause I hate to be unproductive but just when I think ill only be on line for 30min its turns out to be 2hrs30min

2. What is your best memory of starting your career?

Performing for a crowd and having people come up and tell you how much your art has effected them. Its a great reward to be able to affect people you dont even know in a positive way. And this gift comes from within and for me thats the most important thing of all, my carrer is all on my shoulders and my vision which cant be taken from me.

3. What advice would you give to someone wanting to create and market a brand from scratch?

Know who they are and what they want, if not atleast know who u are not and what u dont want. Work at it everyday and networking is key to making anything happen, it takes a strong team to accomplish success. Always take the notes out of ur head and put them on paper

4. How can others reach out to you for music collaboration information?

Thru my record label, you can email us @...

5. What’s your next marketing moves for your career?

Im dropping new music very soon along with merch, creating a new vibe of loving the body and state of mind im in. We also have many visuals otw.

6. Name your top 5 musicians dead or alive

Its way too many to only name 5 but ill say JayZ and Bea are huge for me as leaders to follow, I truely love everything they do and stand for.

DaBaby is my fave rite now, along with 21Savage

Jimmy Hendrix and Janice Jopplin have a very special place in my spirit

Lil Wayne is I mean, come on..

My big bro 2 Chainz, so hood its like home

FlyLeaf with the original chic

Jenee Ahiko cause she laid so back but keep it so trilla, and she smokes down so you know...

Jazmine Sullivan, gives me such life and strength when I need it, my GOD.

I could literally go on.

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