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Meet Izzie Caravan - - The Now Legacy

1. Hi Izzie! So, how does a blues rock band go about recording and releasing 3 EPs and a couple of singles in less than a year's time?

A.) Hi there. I’d have to say a couple of factors have gone into this rapidity in content that we’re putting out. Firstly, I guess getting the band back together after so many years and there’s this positive compulsion to capture all these ideas…and believe it or not, its all happening quite organically. Secondly having this free time due to Covid so we’re making the best out of an unprecedented and challenging situation.

2. What's been your favorite release so far, and why?

A.) Wow, that’s a tough one. I find them to be special in their own unique ways because they all have their own stories to tell. When I look back at ‘Leo’s Guitar’ it tells the origin story of this iteration of the band and where it all began with a simple lick on a Strat; ‘Zephyrs’ particularly the title track is still the one song that I listen to and its a hair-raising experience for me because that song is truly magical to me. In a way I’m glad that it doesn’t get the traction that it deserved just because its a long song, because now it stays my best kept secret which is personal to me. ‘On The Pull’ will always be my identity record and it gave me greatest achievement which was reaching the jamband charts, seeing the band’s name in esteemed company like Dylan, Willie Nelson, Robert Cray among others. And now with ‘Blow The Lid’, our first full-length album, we’re firing on all cylinders and sticking it to everyone who has written rock n roll off.

3. Any plans for getting back out on the road once COVID restrictions are lifted?

A.) Oh yeah absolutely. We have so many songs and we’re already working on set lists and stuff with a good mix of covers. Hopefully Summer of 2021 we should be heading out promote this music and putting on some killer shows.

4. Tell us about "Blow The Lid," the album?

A.) With ‘Blow The Lid’ we’re doing something completely unique to us. We’ve launched our ’10 in 10’ campaign where we’re releasing a new song from the album every month for ten months at the end of which we’ll release the album in its entirety in multiple formats. We released ‘Roadkill Rita’ in September and we’re all set to release the second single for October called ‘Stick It To Ya’. It’s got such a cool AC/DC vibe to it and I think rock and blues fans will really dig it. And its got a great story to tell as well.

6. What is the song, "Roadkill Rita" about? Is it about at anyone in particular?

A.) ‘Roadkill Rita’ actually is a sequel of sorts to a song called ‘Whiskey Alley Blues’ from the ‘On The Pull’ record. I like creating these fictional characters and speaking my mind through their experiences. So whereas in the first part we told the story of Johnny playing the blues and selling his soul to the devil, this one is about a young girl who wants to play the blues and is abused by her family so she runs away and makes her ambitions a reality. So there are a lot of connecting pieces in terms of licks and guitar parts that unite both songs, and that was really fun for me to create this lineage of music and characters that ultimately endorse their passion of the blues and rock.

7. What's one song that you could listen to everyday, without getting tired of it, and one song you hope to never hear again?

A.) I listen to ‘Runnin Down A Dream’ by Tom Petty at least once everyday. It’s therapy for me and easily one of the greatest songs to crank up in the car and just drive. Takes me to a whole different place. One song I could really do without is…hmmm…as much as I love Guns N’ Roses, I wouldn’t miss Sweet Child of Mine at all.

8. You are somewhat of a guitar collector. Which one is your prized possession?

A.) Oh tough questions man. Hard to pick between all my Strats and teles. They’re like my little kids and all so unique with their own personalities. If I had to pick one to be buried with me, i’d have to go with my original ’69 hardtail Strat for sure.

9. Thanks again, Izzie. Any parting words for our readers?

A.) Please check us out at as we’re releasing a ton of music for free. We’re giving away all the new releases from ‘Blow The Lid’ as they come out and all people have to do is sign up on the website and we’ll send them an mp3 with a personalised message. Thanks again to everyone who has supported this band and wished us well in our rock n roll journey. We’ll always appreciate it. Cheers.






Michael Stover

MTS Management Group

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