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Meet Neal Johnson - - The Now Legacy

Neal Johnson Enterprises, LLC

Tag line: Business Simplified

Carol L. Stewart, Founder & Executive Director

IG @nje_llc

Question and Answer Interview

1. What is a typical day/week like for you?

Being single and away from the day to day interactions of family, I am able to live a very balanced and routine lifestyle.

a. Monday-Friday I work 12 hours supporting the Department of Defense with the Army here in Kuwait. Once I arrive home, I eat and relax for about 2 hours. I work on NJE until about 10pm. Before turning in for the night, I make my Neal Johnson Enterprises, LLC (NJE) top 3 to dos for the next day and read until about midnight.

b. On Saturdays, I don’t work on anything NJE related other than social media. I do my best to decompress from the week. I go out to eat, visit the beach or go to the mall.

c. Sundays are used to prep for the week ahead. I do light housekeeping, make groceries, get gas and have the car detailed.

2. What is your best memory of getting into business?

My best memory when I started my first business over 20 years ago, was seeing the look of satisfaction on my client’s face after completing their project, ahead of schedule and under budget---as a 17 year old. My best memory with NJE is seeing my client’s face light up once they realized the journey to forming their LLC wasn’t nearly as complicated as they thought it was.

3. Could you talk about how your business helps increase small businesses?

NJE helps increase small businesses by providing digital products and 1:1 mentoring that help sole proprietors quickly form a limited liability company on their own. This step allows them to feel validated and official. Their business is no longer viewed by themselves or others as simply a side hustle or hobby. After partnering with us, they are a credible, legitimate and compliant business. This opens them up for new opportunities and can change the trajectory of their lives and impacts their family and community. Starting a business is truly life changing!

4. How can others reach out to you for business related information?

We can be reached on Instagram @nje_llc, via email at or via our website

5. What do you think your company is doing well?

NJE is dedicated to providing guidance and support to those interested in forming a limited liability company. We meet people wherever they are in the journey. We are offer budget-friendly products and services, in addition to a ton of free resources, including an LLC Formation Grant.

6. What leader or leaders do you look up to and why?

I don’t have any one specific leader or leaders that I look up to. I believe we can all learn from each other, even if it’s what not to do. I am motivated and inspired by business success stories of those that were dismissed or overlooked for one reason or another but excelled in spite of the odds…those are stories I can relate to. I’ve overcome so much in my short time on this earth, and I believe is sharing my success story helps just one person, it makes the journey that much more worth it.

7. What is your leadership philosophy?

I believe in setting goals and taking the necessary steps on a consistent basis to accomplish them, while understanding and acknowledging that my circumstances and environment will change and that I will be ready, willing and able to do what’s necessary to keep, moving forward.

I believe words matter…what you say and how you say it. A leader should not say things they don’t mean, even if the truth will hurt the recipient. The pain of your betrayal will last far longer than the pain of your honesty.

A leader has to be willing to look at things from more than one perspective and acknowledge that people respond to and interact with others based on their personal past experiences. When leaders have unrealistic expectations of others, they will surely be disappointed, and often.

Resiliency is an undeniable attribute of a leader. Without resilience, I would not be here today. Being able to pivot and bounce back from adversity has allowed me to obtain my current position to assist others in the pursuit of their goals.

Lastly, visualization and affirmations have been extremely powerful in my leadership roles and in my life overall. There are countless examples throughout my life, that I have been able to do or obtain something I sincerely sought out because I was able to focus in on the true desires of my heart and then do the necessary work to reach my desired outcome. These methods have allowed me to in essence, reverse-engineer so many parts of my life!

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