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Meet Tyson Fields - - - The Now Legacy

Booking: Call (213) 332-8663 Facebook: Email: Website: Instagram: Tyson Fields Official

Tyson is a 17 year old R&B Pop singer, songwriter, dancer, producer. With a unique sound, influences from all genres of music, a strong work ethic, and a drive to make his dream a reality, Tyson is eagerly working towards launching his career releasing his first single January, 2021. Tyson has spent the last few years honing his musical gifts while enjoying the stage as a competitive dancer. Tyson excels in varied dance styles from hip hop to contemporary which translates to his performances as an artist. Tyson began singing at the age of 9 at local venues such as fairs, local casinos, and restaurants. He competed amongst 500 youth from around the world in Disney World at age 12 where he was awarded Top Vocalist. Since then Tyson has realized that his passion and his future is music.

His new single I'm Fallin' - Tyson Fields

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