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MGM’s own ‘King Crazii’ 👑 — The Now Legacy

BIO  Hi my name is Carl Walden aka King Crazii. The Brand I Am Promoting is Money Gang Music Group Inc. This is a Entertainment Company that is geared toward helping the LGBTQ Community’s artiest , models, and sports who have are discriminated against due to this sexuality. Olympic Unique is a clothing line that is good for the fashion portion of the LGBTQ Community and the inner city youth they can’t afford to close who should be fashionably accepted regardless of the clothing that they have but also make a statement as well. The new single that I have from as an artiest is called Can’t Turn A Ho Into A Housewife. Now my sneakers from Our cothing line are The Yokos From The Hit show Yu Yu Hakusho the Animated Series. The Sasuke uchiha’s from the hit TV show Naruto Shippuden. Both the sneakers are in partnership with Shonen Jump and their unique Style and fit is undeniably comfortable. I believe this is the beginning of a new era of cartooning and creativity meeting fashion. We are proud of what we accomplished not only as a label but as an overall Enterprise for the lgbtq community and I strongly believe that with people like yourself who pushes the envelope and helps spread the message this world will change and people who are of homosexuality will not be discriminated against. Official Website : Sneaker : Facebook: IG @kingcraziitherapper Twitter: Spotify:


1. What is a typical day/week like for you?

 I wake up check my emails and focus on what I can do to make a significant impact to help an individual who was suffering from the malice evil that is placed upon our society. Think about what the next step is to further my career as an advocate for the lgbtq community and a Pioneer for such Community as well.

2. What advice would you give to someone wanting to create and market a brand from scratch?

Create something that you’re passionate about but also understand and can relate to. Be a pioneer and a game-changer someone who can represent the voiceless in the people who choose not to speak but you speak for them.

3. How can others reach out to you for music collaboration information?

My email is

4. Could you speak about you shoe product?

I created a sneaker brand that it’s cost-effective. Now I’m not going to say that it is greater than 5 $600 but it is within a price range in a reasonable range for a child who loves animation can have their favorite animated character on their feet and enjoy the Comfort ability of being different. We’re also coming out with clothing that is Affordable as well

 5. What’s your next marketing moves for your career?

Well I’m coming out with new clothing. The clothing line itself will be a part of a series of things that is to come. I want to be different and innovative and I want people to relate to not only the pain and suffering of the lgbtq community but the importance of a significant change in such Community. There’s too much discrimination going on and so I wish to be the answer to that problem.

 6. Name your top 5 musicians; dead or alive?

Jay-Z , Wu-Tang-Clan, Most Def , Kayne West, Brandy

7. What inspired you to become a pioneer or leader?

Well as a victim of sexual abuse and someone who grew up in a community where you get written off because you fall under a certain status quo. I believe that there should be someone out there who survived those type of stigmas in situations. Someone to advocate and say that it doesn’t matter what your situation is or how you start what matters is how you finish.

8. What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

My greatest strength is my passion and drive. Another one is consistency. My ability to speak articulation and professionalism.

 9. What is your final message to people?

Never allow no one to push their doubts on to you

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