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THE POWER OF RENAISSANCE A living link to the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s explains how to leverage its power for a new generation. Students, professionals, educators and organizations all need to re-invent themselves at some point. In this incredibly interactive and dynamic presentation, the grandson of Cab Calloway, takes lessons from the Harlem Reinaissance and teaches people how to create their own renaissance moment. Everyone knows the Harlem Renaissance was one of the most magical moments in American history. How did it come about and what can we take from it 100 years later? Book Peter Brooks and witness first hand the incredible story of this famiilies contribution to American civilization. www.petercbrooks.com After serving for years as a college professor and marketing professional, Peter had an epiphany as he was fighting to prevent the city of Baltimore from tearing down his grandfather's childhood home - he was one of the only living links to the leaders of the Harlem Renaissance!

While W.E.B. Dubois, Marcus Garvey and Lena Horne also had children, the majority of the key figures - Langston Hughes, Josephine Baker, Romaire Bearden, Contee Cullen and others did not. Rather than continue his struggle to try to make the people in this neighborhood appreciate this treasure, Peter decided instead to go about the country informing and empowering people with the tools they would need to create this "renaissance" moment for themselves in their lives. The story of his family, which really begins with Cab and Blanche's grandfather, Andrew Reed, a President of the United Mutual Brotherhood of Liberty; one of the first civil rights organizations in American history. Brooks then shows how Cab's older sister, Blanche Calloway was actually the architect of much of 20th Century entertainment, which culminates in Cab's role in the Hip Hop and Rap movements. He also gives everyone the six key tools or ingredients needed to create a personal renaissance that endures the test of time. Using interactive technology, images and music , Peter takes the audience through a powerful and enriching trip through the 20th Century and how we have arrived at today. He not only defines the concept of renaissance in the context of current events, but shows how this event has trajectory well into the future. His speech is an altogether inspirational and powerful life changing experience that will cause participants to think deeply while inform them about Native American, African-American and women's history and the relationship between civil rights and music.

Organizations in transition or in a period of uncertainty Schools and Universities that want maximum quality output from their student's Educators who need a way to reach students Americans who need or want to know their history anyone in need of inspiration.

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