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Q & A with Mansfield Superstar & Entrepreneur "Black Jesus"

1.What is a typical day/week like for you? 

A typical day for me is writing music in the studio, spending time with my family, and taking out 3 hours a day every day to study and research revenue and assets.

2. What is your best memory of the start of your career?

My best memory is when I snuck and dropped my first track and let a room full of people hear it and everybody kept saying he must be from Atlanta lol.

3.What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

My advice would be to start and never stop no matter what obstacles may come your way. The key is to never be afraid to invest in yourself!! At least put 50% of your income that you have left over after taking care of your responsibilities, in your business. I put 85% because I believe in myself that much!!!

4. How can you be booked for show/appearance? 

I can be booked for shows thru my email or hit the contact us tab on my website

5. What’s your favorite album from another artist? 

My favorite album of all-time would be master p “ghetto dope”!! I listened to that album everyday as a kid. My stepdad was big on no limit and cash money!!

6.What song of yours are you most proud of? Tell us about your music

I actually have 2. The song I am most proud of would be my song called Foreign Bitch ft. Jroc. All because I tried a new sound and smashed it but my favorite one is “whip it”!! You can go purchase them at the two outlets:

My music describes the lifestyle I lived to get to where I’m at right now!! My fans really can vibe to my music because they either have done it or currently doing it. And the people around me respect it because they actually saw me live it and do it!!!

7. What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is coming out with my own energy drink “Trap Juice”!! You can go to my website to the contact us tab and place an order or contact me on my social media’s!!!

8. Name your top 5 dead or alive favorite artist of all time. 

1. 2Pac

2. Master p

3. Juvenile

4. Pimp c

5. Webbie

9. What’s your next marketing move “Trap Juice” or that “Black Jesus” album?

I got a mixtape coming out Christmas 2017 named Trap Juice 2!! Y’all make sure y’all go get that off different mixtape sites!!

10. How can you maintain your exposure? 

You maintain your composure by staying consistent, grinding hard, networking, and investing in yourself!!!

11. What are you most proud of from your hometown, Mansfield, Louisiana? 

The support they been showing me lately!! I love my hometown!!

12. What’s next for your enterprise? 

My next enterprise is my new clothing line that’s coming out in February 2018. Make sure y’all check out my website and social media outlets to stay in tune with my clothing line also!!!

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