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RapStar "Elijah sommerz" Offers His Support for High School Students 📚💰🌠 — The No

Rapper- Elijah sommerz offers a generous hand for underprivileged high school students in Toronto with basketball scholarships that pays for student’s college & university tuition

Elijah sommerz has co-endorsed a fund that is quarterly founded by private investors to whom are co-owners of the talent management agency, the scholarship fund donates to unprivileged students and or youth between the ages of 18-27 that are going to be intending college, there is a strict education criteria that has to be meet , however the scholarship fund gives financial supports to help further there careers their basketball talents, the agency scholarships funs is starred towards youth that are of ages 18-28that are deprived in unprivileged circumstances the donation fund is mainly supportive of basketball talents.

Name of program:

– JSMG Indigent Scholarship Support Program –

For our viewers out there that never heard of j stone management group & co:

J stone management group & co is a Record Label & Talent Agency with publishing division worldwide, J stone Management group is a subsidiary management label for indie and major labels and or artist it also acts as an affiliate management to major labels and brand sponsorships, J Stone Management Group & CO is an brother company with Major Media Streaming Corporation WWETV – World Wide Entertainment Tv..

Founded in 2016 JSMG THE LABEL – J STONE MANAGEMENT GROUP & CO is founded by Swedish Investors and private angel Investors from Australia with major supports, j stone management group & co is also a representing sports scouting agency that scouts sport talents form college students and unprivileged youth across All of North America.

The Talent Agency provides a publishing & development Platform with Tour Supports for indie artist and major artist globally. AS PER – [REF]–

NET WORTH: JSMG –STOCKS – IPO, NYSE:CHWY- (CAD) 3,600,000(=~) – EQT GROUP 2.2= MILLION (-1.49%)-SHARES (CAD) = TOTAL 5,000,000 – (Approx.) PRIVATELY OWNED – SWEDEN INVESTMENT GROUP –EQT- EST 2016 – Disclaimer

Our main of focus:

Our program is for students that have long encountered hurdles in attending college and university.

And while enrollment rates are finally being cut in Ontario there is a whopping (32%percent of low income students that can’t afford to go to university or collage.-[REF] ->, minority students still often face an uphill battle covering tuition and associated fees, That’s why our scholarships and other financial assistance are vitally important in helping minority students achieve their college and career dreams.

Our scholarship fund is aimed to make a change in our community and also to flourish the talent coming out of North America’s urban cities.

“Our youth today is our tomorrow “-Elijah sommerz

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