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Report: Ball family set to star in their own reality show via Facebook

Ball Family  🏀🏀

The family of the undeniable “BIG BALLER BRAND” has been offered a reality TV show deal via Facebook. Months of media presence has garnered this family a shot at telling their story at viral uniqueness. Lavar Ball has been plastered across every major sports media platform for months promoting his sons and the highly publicized “BBB”. Lavar’s oldest son Lonzo was recently drafted in the 1st round of 2017 NBA Draft  to the Los Angels Lakers, something Lavar “spoke into existence” for years. Liangelo Ball has began his tenure at UCLA, following in his older brother footsteps. Liangelo is the middle child in this ballerific family, he has the potential to apply for the 2018 NBA Draft! Yeah that good. The youngest of the Ball brothers, Lemelo, plans to continue his dominance at Chino Hills the high school basketball powerhouse. One notable game of Lemelo’s he scored over 100 points 😳 talking about balling! He’s a lock to go to UCLA after his senior year at Chino Hills. With all this actual balling “hoopin”, the Ball family’s brand “BBB” will likely carry them to multiple success conversations in the near future. Lavar Ball is the mastermind that amps this engine up, he’s persona has definitely captured our 👀’s, we continuously hope to see greatness from this plateau. We’ll be watching this “Big Baller Brand”/Facebook collaboration, will you?

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