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What NBA Legend can "redirect" Dwight Howard’s career?

Dwight Howard, the highly most “publicized” and/or “criticized” big man in the NBA, is looking towards better days. He was most recently traded to the Charlotte Bobcats  Hornets with an No. 31 pick during the 2017 NBA Draft in exchange for center Mason Plumlee, guard Marco Belinelli and the No. 40 pick. Atlanta’s willingness to deal him less than one year after signing him as a free agent only further elucidates Howard’s fall from being one of the league’s top players to one with limited trade value.

BUT…. Remember the NBA GOAT is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets! Could “him” save Dwight Howard???!!?! That’s what he said! 

“Why are you so pissed off?” Jordan asked Howard in a call this offseason, according to Sports Illustrated. “When you’re pissed, you’re out of control, and you’re not focusing on your shots or your free throws or the right type of defense. … Why play pissed when you can play determined?”Sports Illustrated said Jordan wanted to bring Howard in to show him the difference.

Is Superman Back???!!!! We will wait and see. 👀

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