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Get To Know Model Demerio Diaz! - - The Now Legacy

Demerio Diaz

Los Angeles California Based Model


Inquiries and Bookings

Questions & Answer

1.What is a typical day/week like for you?

In some way, I make sure to workout everyday; by lifting weights, playing basketball, swimming, hiking or boxing etc.

It’s more of a lifestyle for me at the moment. On the days I have a photoshoot, I’ll work out after since I don’t want to feel tired or drained. I like to be high energy during shoots. About 3x a week I’ll work on a book I’m currently writing. Modeling has definitely made me more artistic, I’m also memorizing drinks at the moment to become a certified bartender. Got to make sure to keep it up for all sorts of opportunities. Other than that just cooking more often, I really want to come out of this pandemic a better cook.

2. What is your best memory of getting into modeling?

The best memory was being published in a magazine. I had never been published before in print. Everything had been digital up until that point. Being able to hold it and know that I did something phenomenal in this industry, for me that’s my biggest accomplishment so far.

3. Could you talk about any upcoming shoots coming up?

I haven’t been shooting a whole lot during this time because of the pandemic, but definitely plan on getting more shoots A.S.A.P. I’m currently planning a day to shoot with a photographer that I’ve worked with in the past. We’re currently getting everything situated though with the theme, time of day, date etc. We definitely agreed that we’re not looking to do lifestyle though for the up-coming shoot. I want to start branching out into more artistic style creative shoots.

4. How can others reach out to you for business related information?

I would love it if any Photographers in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas want to reach out for any collaboration projects. I’m always open to trade talents to build our portfolios so its mutually beneficial. Artists are welcome to send their Ideas and Mood boards my way on Instgram @dailyd_merio and Email at

5. Can you talk about "The Modeling Done"?

The modeling I’ve done so far has been a phenomenal experience. I have met a lot of cool photographers and hair-makeup / wardrobe stylists along the way. The locations are all very different from inside studios, to skate parks, beaches, alleys in L.A. or just a hiking trail. I’ve learned the difference between many styles. Posing is also something I have learned and know how to breath while flexing through shooting.

6. List any prior projects that you have worked on?

A recent project I’ve worked on was for a magazine. It’s called Faddy, issue #62

I worked on this project with Photographer @devinshotme and stylist @aristidesfashion

We did this amazing broken mirror / glass theme. They have been the most creative team I have worked with so far and I look forward to working with the again.

Recently I also did more of a fitness style photoshoot with Donnie @esteem.jpg

That was a private studio shoot. Definitely felt confidant in that setting.

I am always posting my work on my Instagram so people are welcome to see any upcoming projects there

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