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Question & Answer (Interview)


Q1. What is a typical day/week like for you?

A. A typical day for me looks like waking up at 8 AM and rushing to get myself to work for 8:30, where I stay until 5 PM. When I go home I usually bounce back from reading, to writing music, to working on a recording. I’ve been adjusting to a lot of change lately, as we all probably have, so I haven’t been doing music as tirelessly as I typically do, but it’s definitely still my main focus.

Q2. What is your best memory of starting your career?

A. My best memory of starting my career might have to be seeing my songs exceed 20K streams. Really cool feeling. That and when I was in a group with an ex girlfriend and we along with another band sold out a pretty famous venue in our county. It was a good night.

Q3. What advice would you give to someone wanting to create and market a brand from scratch?

A. Advise is not easy for me to give on something like this because I am still trying to figure it out myself honestly. I think the key is to just be yourself, and only listen to people who are in a position that you want to be in. Like, if your parents have bad credit don’t take credit advise from them. If someone is not in the music industry don’t take advise from them on what you need to do. Trust your own heart. Be unapologetically weird and unique.

Q4. How can others reach out to you for music collaboration information?

A. I am pretty quick to answer my DM’s on Instagram. I like Instagram a lot.

Q5. What’s your next marketing moves for your career?

A. My next move for marketing is to just throw every dollar I can into promotions and making the necessary sacrifices to create my business. At the end of the day it takes money to make money, and you don’t need to have millions to get some attention, so prioritize. Do you want that $200 coat or do you want people to hear your music? That’s up to you.

Q6. Name your top 5 musicians; dead or alive?

A. Top five musicians are easily Ed Sheeran, Tash Sultana, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, and Stick Figure.

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